What Does PowerPoint Have to Do with Self-Folding Origami?

Projected PowerPoint patterns produce self-folding 3D structures from photocurable liquid polymers.

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Rescale Boosts Its Cloud-Accessible Processing Power with ScaleX Labs with Intel

Intel Xeon Phi processors are designed for parallelism and available on demand for HPC.

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Braidy Industries to Build USD$1.3B Aluminum Rolling Mill in Eastern Kentucky

New auto body sheet and aerospace plate aluminum rolling mill to generate over 2,500 jobs.

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Manufacturing Minute

Simulating Your Way out of 3D Printing’s Problems

MSC has developed two software products for simulating parts before 3D printing them.

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Electronics Weekly – Synopsys Headlight Simulation, Toshiba Hard Drives & More

The latest products from Analog Devices, Intersil, Samsung, Synopsys and Toshiba.

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Life After Education and the Effects of Student Debt

Student debt affects the health and focus of young employees.

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Is Industry 4.0 Realistic? Face to Face with Siemens CEO Tony Hemmelgarn – TV Report

Siemens has come further in its ambitious Industry 4.0 journey than most of the competition.

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Telit and Freudenberg IT Collaborate on IIoT Device Management

Telit and Freudenberg IT partnership aims to digitize industrial supply chains for Industry 4.0.

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Revit 2018 Adds New Features for MEP and Structural Engineers

Autodesk seeks to enhance the disciplinary coverage of Revit 2018 with new capabilities designed specifically for MEP and structural engineers.

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MecSoft Corporation Releases New and Improved 3D Printing Software

MecSoft Corporation has released the latest versions of its 3D printing software products.

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HP Places IP Security at a Premium with New Z Book Workstations

The HP ZBook line is expanded to bring greater performance to the mobile workstation market.

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